I am the author of 23 books about faith, hope, life, love, and relationships.

I was born and raised in suburban Detroit, have two younger sisters who are my oldest friends, and still enjoy spending time every summer at our family’s log cabin up north.

My husband and I first met in 1969. One day I looked out my window, saw Dave playing guitar in his front yard down the street, and had the inkling that he was the man I was going to marry. Since our wedding in 1970, we’ve lived in several college towns and the capital cities of four states—Michigan, Nebraska, Georgia, and Texas—where Dave has been a leader in the field of behavioral health. Our four incomparable children (two daughters and two sons), daughter-in- law, son-in-law, and five grandchildren all live in central Texas, not far from the ranch-style house in Austin where Dave and I have resided since 1994.

Before my first book came out, I worked for a dozen years as a childbirth educator and lactation consultant. Writing simmered on the back burner until late 1983, when I sat down at our dining room table with some paper and pencils on a Friday night and started stirring up the manuscript that later became The Complete Book on Childbirth. After this, more manuscripts followed, each with its own genesis point and backstory. Books, like recipes, are interesting that way.

What matters most to me in my writing is describing the difference I believe the Lord makes in our life by changing for good every part of our existence. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been aware of God’s sheltering love and divine care, and the best moment of my life was when I began following Christ.

You will find some constant themes expressed both here and in my books, including:

  • We can trust our Father.
  • Christ is for us—His love doesn’t change even though we do.
  • The Spirit’s gifts and generosity are real.
  • God’s Word will surprise you, and it’s true.
  • Life is a wonder that needs our attention.
  • Prayer matters.
  • Love never ends.
  • And, no matter how things might look at any given moment, there is a far bigger picture that is worth considering, remembering, and thinking about.

In recent years, it has been my privilege to mentor a number of women with whom I share Jesus’s joy and comfort. My hope is that this website will hearten you as well. I invite you to stay, relax, and read awhile, share some of your own story, and know that you aren’t alone as you wait for Him.

My goal is to provide you with a calm encouragement toward rich simplicity in Christ that you can take with you into your current circumstances, wherever you are—the reassurance that today you have enough in Him even as you look forward to all He has yet to give you.