Beauty and the Best


You wake up in the morning. Get out of bed. Then look in the mirror. Aargh! Can this image in the mirror be a valuable and loved creation of God? You spend the next forty-five minutes painting and primping, working to make a more pleasing image of yourself. But do you find satisfaction with the finished product? Beauty may only be skin deep, but American women spend millions of hours and billions of dollars trying to live up to the beauty standards of our culture. Every time most of us look in the mirror, consciously or unconsciously, we weigh ourselves against a standard that is unrealistic and unreachable.

Today’s beauty culture bombards all of us with messages about who we are and what we should look like. Advertisers, like the patent medicine men of old, promise a sure cure for your beauty blues if you buy their product. Debra Evans guides you through the mazes and myths of the beauty culture, and helps you find answers to questions like: Does the culture’s worship of beauty blind me to my own worth? Am I worshipping beauty and success instead of God? Can I discover freedom and fulfillment in my own uniqueness and in the uniqueness of others?

Beauty and the Best is more than mere philosophy about our view of beauty today. It offers practical information to enable you to separate help from hype, savvy from silliness. As Evans points out: Only by finding a better understanding of true beauty will we begin to be free from anxiously buying into today’s beauty culture—the self-conscious glimpses in the mirror, constant comparisons to other women, and continual fault-finding that goes with it.