Blessing Your Grown Children

Cultivate A Healthy, Loving Relationship with Your Grown Child

Parents of grown children can continue to bless their adult sons and daughters in this next stage of life. But how do they adapt to the role and responsibilities as a parent of an adult child? And what is an appropriate response to a grown child hasn’t achieved independence? How can parents help adult sons and daughters without overstepping boundaries?

In Blessing Your Grown Children, author Debra Evans speaks from firsthand experience. Sharing her own personal stories and those of others, she offers real, practical advice for parents who long for close, healthy relationships with their adult children.

With sensitivity and understanding, Debra addresses important issues such as setting boundaries, letting go but staying connected, and trusting God when things don’t turn out quite as we had hoped. Debra comes alongside her readers, offering help and encouragement every step of the way. In each chapter, you’ll find practical ways to realistically bless your adult children as well as ideas to promote self-growth and reflection during this journey.

“Debra Evans has written a wise and wonderful guide for us parents of grown children. Regardless how old our children are, we know we will always love them and long for their best. But when our children reach adulthood, our relationship with them must change. This unique book helps us re-focus our prayers and spiritual influence as we love and let go. Debra’s insights are realistic, insightful, and deeply spiritual. I highly recommend Debra’s book.” – Nancie Carmichael, co-author of Lord, Bless My Child: Praying for the Character of God in My Child