Blessing Your Husband

You love him, you live with him—but when was the last time you thought about blessing him?

“My husband knows I love him,” you may be thinking. “Why do I need to bless him?”

Loving your husband is not the same as blessing him, says author Debra Evans. “Blessing your husband conveys your approval of him, thereby affirming that he is lovable, and capable, and valuable, simply because of who he is.”

As you read Blessing Your Husband, you’ll discover the undeniable influence your thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions have on the man you married. You’ll be challenged to give your expectations a reality check and you’ll understand why your encouragement—or lack of it—matters so much in how your husband views himself.

Debra Evans will open your eyes to the unexpected blessings you’ll receive when you actively choose to let your husband know in everyday ways that he’s the one you want for life. She’ll cheer you on as you defy the odds and enjoy deep mutual satisfaction, unconditional acceptance, and lasting love—the way God intended marriage to be.

“This is a must-read for any wife wanting to discover the marriage of her dreams. The tender approach that Debra Evans takes lets her readers know that she has walked through the same tough places many of us find ourselves in. Filled with hope, grounded in truth, and woven together with a fresh vision for marriage, Blessing Your Husband is not a book you’ll want to read and pack away. I plan to read this treasure over and over again.” – Lysa Terkeurst, author of Made to Crave and Capture His Heart