Heart & Home


Heart & Home invites all who read it to reconsider what mothering means, why it really matters . . . and then, to celebrate it! Through providing a gentle yet vivid picture of what mothering is all about, this colorful collection of anecdotes, reflections, and prayers—even uttered in the midst of pandemonium!—will encourage you to reflect on its urgent message: “Let us open our eyes and once again embrace the true nature of motherhood as it is revealed in the developmental pattern formed by lovemaking, conception, birth, and breastfeeding, as sequence not determined by human beings but by the loving hand of God..”

“Here is the bonding book that only a woman could write. Debra paints a picture of being a woman and a mother in glorious detail—and does it right.” – Dr. Donald M. Joy, PhD, Asbury Theological Seminary; author of Bonding: Relationships in the Image of God

“Debra Evans takes us back to the basics in the art of ‘people-making’ which is what good mothering is all about.” – Ingrid Trobisch, author and international consultant on marriage and family life