Kindred Hearts


Are you and your daughter two peas in a pod? As different as day and night? Kindred Hearts is written to help mothers and daughters experience all of the joy their close bond can bring. Regardless of your present relationship, says Debra Evans, you and your daughter can share a close, personal connection. With the practical insight and wisdom found in this book, you’ll be able to better encourage your daughter’s individuality; avoid the stumbling block of unmet expectations; extend God’s grace and forgiveness; respect, cherish, and adore your daughter; and nurture a loving and lasting relationship. And because it’s likely that you respond to your daughter in the same way your mother did to you, activities such as letter writing and Scripture exploration are included to help you understand why you are the way you are. Kindred Hearts will encourage you to experience more of the joys this close bond can bring.

“What an incredible book—I count it among my favorites. It has touched my life in so many ways. I bought it to find the relationship I desired between my daughter and me but it also has deepened my relationships with my mother and two sisters, my adult women friends, and more. I now understand so many of the emotions I felt and that they are normal and how to focus them. I have been given new insights into how my own mother feels and I now understand so much of my relationship with her. The best reward is a deep relationship with my 14-year-old, something any mother of a teenage daughter would wish for. Every woman deserves this book and the benefits it brings!” –