Ready or Not, You’re a Grandparent


Whether you have one, two, or ten grandchildren, Debra Evans will help you understand what you alone can do for your grandchildren and your adult children. As one grandparent to another, she offers practical advice, information, encouragement, and resources that will make you a better grandparent. She’ll show how you as a Christian grandparent can nurture your grandchildren spiritually in a variety of ways.

Ready or Not, You’re a Grandparent offers plenty of practical information to help you assume your unique place in the family. Some of the topics include: supporting the parents before birth, including an update on current childbirth methods; greeting the baby at birth and mothering the new mother; and nurturing your grandchildren as they grow, including sharing your faith with them. This book will help you consider a wide range of options as your prepare to greet your grandchild and provide support to your grown children.