The Calm of Our Tempest

Cultivate A Healthy, Loving Relationship with Your Grown Child

Living life, whether we’re alone or with others, can be complicated. Yet, no matter how difficult or demanding our circumstances, despite how up or down we feel, prayer can be simple.

Most of us don’t live in cloistered monasteries; we live in the midst of a turbulent world. Persistently confronted by time demands, schedule conflicts, cultural expectations, breaking news, and wireless communication, we’ve long known that life doesn’t arrive in clearly marked packages marked “sacred” and “secular.”

It’s so easy to miss the main point of it all.

The constantly changing patterns of our life continuously challenge us to fully recognize who we are and where we are going. As our private roles blend with our various public responsibilities throughout each day, the ongoing question we face seems not whether we desire to devote our attention to Christ in secret prayer, but how.

The Calm of Our Tempest is designed to encourage you in your pursuit of God. Its brief chapters focused on hidden prayer weave Scriptures with classic quotes, hymns, poems, and personal insights, bringing clear motivation to connect with God more deeply, and more often. As you step into the rich simplicity of savoring psalms and bible verses at the end of each chapter, you’ll be reminded that the very best part of your life’s portion doesn’t require anything more than your willingness to remember Christ and rest in Him.

When we call on the Lord, realizing our complete dependence upon Him, we’re drawn deeper into a more intimate relationship with our Savior. From this vantage point, our unadorned prayers rise up from the fragments of our disappearing moments. Even in the midst of our forgetfulness, God is there—reminding us where to look, aiding our ability to seek and find Him, rewarding even our smallest efforts. Here, we find ourselves becoming more aware of our need for God as we learn to keep listening for His Word.