The Christian Woman’s Guide to Personal Health Care


Comprehensive and practical, this guide to women’s health provides a wealth of information on female sexuality, physiology, and health maintenance. In a manner that’s practical and reader-friendly, veteran reproductive health educator and author Debra Evans explains the distinct details of the menstrual cycle and fertility, how to effectively talk with doctors, and tells what actions to take when problems occur. Her book is designed with reference features such as: easy to understand diagrams, self-help charts, a complete list of drugs, and a thorough guide to treatments and remedies. She also presents a method for finding skilled practitioners rooted within a Christian value system. And because many health-related issues and complications are not detected until they’re critical, Evans outlines an approach to early recognition of abnormal conditions.

“Debra Evans has synthesized a broad domain of research, theory, and clinical knowledge on the subject of feminine health. Her book is a refreshing, pertinent, and clarifying piece of work.” – Dr. Anne Marie
Mitchell, PhD, CNM