The Christian Woman’s Guide to Sexuality


Every day you’re bombarded with a myriad of messages about how the ” perfect” woman looks, thinks, dresses, and acts. And if you listen long enough, you’ll forget what God has declared: that you are not just a body. You are carefully and perfectly made in every way–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The Bible gives you the basic plan for realizing God’s design for you as a woman and a wife. But the more you know about how your mind and body work, and how they complement the way your husband’s mind and body work, the more fulfilling your marriage and sexual life will be. This extensive handbook not only explores that divine design in detail, but also takes a fresh, practical look at the daily physiological realities of being female. Written by an experienced woman’s reproductive health care educator, this book gives clear biblical wisdom and accurate medical answers to the questions you have regarding your health and sexuality within marriage. Through it you’ll come to fully appreciate the wonder and complexity of God’s handiwork in making you just as you are. And you’ll learn to be a better partner–in every way–to your husband. Understanding your distinctiveness as a woman can truly enhance your life and your marriage!

“This book has helped me to understand many things about myself that had ended up being a source of friction between my spouse and me. Ms. Evans gives lots of helpful information about many of today/s common misconceptions about how a woman should “be” sexually. She also includes some wonderful information about the menstruation cycle and how it affects women on a daily basis. The questions at the end of each chapter make you really think and are most helpful.” –