The Christian Women’s Guide to Childbirth


Childbirth is a blessed event that allows you to partake in a miracle beyond description: the joy of sharing in the unfolding of God’s creation. It’s a time of joy and excitement, concern and questions. But most of all, it’s an opportunity to increase your trust in God’s ability to lead and protect you. As a Christian woman, you can rely completely on Him and His sovereignty—for He is the Creator and giver of life. It is with this understanding that Debra Evans approaches the topic of childbirth. In this unique book she combines the resources of the Bible, medicine, and her expert knowledge of the human body to provide you with a biblical perspective on contemporary childbirth methods. Within these pages you’ll discover comprehensive, practical advice on topics such as: what to ask, take, and know planning your baby’s birth day labor—what to expect and when preparing for lifestyle changes once you become a parent breastfeeding vs. bottle-feeding family nutrition You’ll also find summaries of obstetric procedures and medications, as well as chapters intended just for Dad. This irreplaceable tool with its step-by-step guidance will help you make your child’s birth a time of enjoyment, excitement, and praise as you draw nearer to the Lord through this wondrous event.

“My husband and I are expecting our third baby and have read just about every pregnancy book on the market. This is our favorite for several reasons. First, it emphasizes the spiritual aspect of birth. For a woman to partner with God for that one little creation moment is so spectacular, yet we tend to think of it as more of a medical condition. Having myself refocused on that created such a fantastic birth for my son. My husband liked this book the best because it gave such specific ways for the husband to help, rather than just saying “Be supportive.” He liked the way the book said “If this doesn’t work, try this, etc. If nothing works, sit down next to her and pray for her.” It made him feel much less helpless when I was uncomfortable. This was hands down the most practical, easy to use book I have read on labor. It will go to the hospital with me for the third time!” –