Women of Character


Today’s Christian woman longs for role models who can help shape a life of purpose, depth, and value. Debra Evans introduces a dozen biblical and historical figures whose lives exemplify six life-changing character traits of a godly woman: brokenness, belief, surrender, obedience, devotion, and service. Here are flesh-and-blood women with whom you’ll immediately identify—women wrestling with the same problems we fact today. And though their stories span centuries, the pattern in clear: God’s blessing comes when our hunger drives us to seek His presence in the fact of adversity.

“A book of great depth. The illustrations and models skillfully weave together to lead the reader into knowing God, knowing real spirituality.” – Nancie Carmichael, founding publisher of Christian Parenting Today, Virtue, and Parents of Teenagers

“More than an abstract devotional, Women of Character weaves prayers, interviews with contemporary women, and classic writings with extraordinary tales of valor and grace. These memorable accounts will inspire you to find your own place among “the company of heaven. Highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review