Women of Courage


We need all the good role models with qualities we can learn from and emulate. Women of Courage gives us twelve. They come from different cultures and walks of life, face different challenges, and live in ages past right up to today. But all of them possess one thing in common: uncommon courage.

From Hagar, whose faith led to the realization of a divine promise, to Rosa Parks, whose humble determination shaped the course of modern civil rights history, the inner fortitude to fulfill God’s purpose is boldly displayed by the women in this book. Author Debra Evans describes key moments in their lives and the lessons they contain, revealing qualities of courage that can strengthen us in our own times of testing. Using vivid examples from the Old and New Testaments, saints’ biographies, church history, and contemporary women, Debra explores six traits of courage as viewed in the stories of biblical women: humility, patience, trust, vision, love, and vocation.

“Being constantly courageous, at least in Christian terms, doesn’t mean being tough,” writes Evans. “It means being tender towards God and His purposes. Courage doesn’t stem fro our own resources. It comes from God, and shines its brightest when we recognize our utter dependence on Him.